This body butter from Bliss smells zesty and reviving. It’s a great moisturiser for normal skin and dry skin on elbows etc, and doesn’t feel greasy like a lot of body creams do. Plus, it’s easily absorbed and doesn’t leave a lot of residue. The tube says it is great for massage, and is used in the famous Bliss Spas. I haven’t tried it in a massage yet; but I have with other body butters and always feel covered in excess product by the time it’s finished. As this one from Bliss is absorbed by the skin so easily, I think it would be great in a massage.

It contains Coconut Oil (a skin-softening moisturiser), Sodium Hyaluronate (which attracts moisture to the skin) and Vitamins A & E (which protect the skin from damage from the environment, and makes the skin smoother). After applying, it leaves your skin with a lovely sheen and feeling perfectly soft. 
Bliss Super-Sized Lemon & Sage Body Butter is available for £30.70 from