One of the highlights of a shopping trip in Glasgow city centre is walking past Lush on Buchanan Street and getting hit with the delicious smell wafting from its doors.

The thing I love about Lush is that everything is fresh and organic. The products are rustic- soaps cut from huge slabs, and face masks scooped out of huge vats in store for you to take home.

Lush’s bath bombs, soaps and face masks have long been a visitor in my home; but I had never tried one of their facial cleansers before. When Lush sent me a bag of goodies last month, I couldn’t wait to test Let The Good Times Roll.

The smell is sweet like caramel, and it contains corn oil, polenta, maize flour and cinnamon. The texture is course, and when you add water it turns into a grainy paste that cleanses and exfoliates.

The tub (if used daily) will last you about two-three weeks, as you only need a lump the size of a five pence piece at a time to clean your face and neck. It’s preservative free so it has a relatively short expiry date, so when you buy it, start using it straight away.

I loved it, and it left my skin feeling fresh and unclogged.

Let The Good Times Roll is available from Lush stores, or online at for £5.95 for 100g.