I recently made my first purchase from affordable make-up brand e.l.f. There were two gorgeous looking pastel nail varnish shades in the sale at just £1 each- Mint Green and Lilac (which are still available)- and I just had to have them, as I adore the current Spring trend for candy-coloured nails.

I was keen to try them; and at £1 each, they couldn’t go far wrong. The colours are pretty; but unfortunately you do get what you pay for. Even their standard price of £2.50 is a lot lower than the likes of my favourite nail varnish brands like O.P.I. So when they seemed quite watered down in comparison, and required a couple of very thick coats to get any solid colour, I wasn’t that surprised. Still, when you do this, and seal them with a good quality clear topcoat, you do get a nice finish.

There is quite a selection of colours in the sale at the moment, so if you want to experiment with some shades that you’ve never tried before, then take advantage of the £1 offer; but otherwise (at £2.50 each), i’d just pay a bit more for a brand of a better quality.