Thursday, 7 February 2013


Yes, this product has a funny name! It’s a cooling chocolate and peppermint treat for legs and feet, and is aimed at long-haul flight passengers; but you can use it anytime obviously.

It stimulates circulation, cools and adds a lovely sheen to your legs. So, it’s perfect for those having to sit in the one place for extended periods of time.

It comes out of the bottle as quite a dark brown; but turns almost clear when applied and rubbed in. You do get only a very minute hint of a tint; but what it does do is give your legs a lovely sheen. Most importantly, it is lovely and refreshing, and good for helping (along with regular movement) to aid circulation on long-haul flights. It’s a small enough bottle (50ml) to take in your cabin baggage also.

Mrs White’s Legs In The Air is available for £10 from

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