Ambermist Instant Tanning Mousse is a mousse-based fake tan, that applies easily and dries fast.
It goes on with immediate colour which makes it easy to see where you’ve applied it, and any areas that you’ve missed. The colour then develops over the next 8 hours.

I applied mine with a self-tan mitt. The mousse spreads easily and blends well. It dried in less than a couple of minutes too.
It does have that strong fake tan smell that increases as it develops, however. Also, when it’s applied, it makes you look mucky; so i’d recommend applying just before bed then showering in the morning to remove the dirty excess and the smell. You’ll then be left with a fabulous even tan that will last days without getting patchy.

It’s paraben and alcohol free, and contains aloe vera. It’s developed for sensitive skin with its in-built moisturisers, conditioners and skin firmers.
I am by no means an expert fake tan applier, and have had many a mishap in the past; but I am really pleased with the results from this product.
Ambermist Instant Tanning Mousse is available for £12 from