Anyone who reads this blog will know i’ve made no secret of my love for Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful movie. Team that with one of my most favourite nail varnish brands, and you have a winning combination for me.

The Oz The Great and Powerful O.P.I collection is a lot different in terms of colour choice than I thought it would be. I would have loved a sparkly green for the Emerald City. Instead, the Emerald City inspired polish is a delicate white and silver glitter called ‘Lights Of The Emerald City’. It’s gorgeous, and an amazing topcoat; just not the colour I would have expected to go with that name.

To show the polish to you, i’ve used my Mum’s nails this time (as I had Shellac on mine). The base polish colour is another from the collection- a very light pink called ‘I Theodora You’; which again seems a strange name choice to me as Theodora’s signature colour in the film is red. The polish itself, however, is great; and it makes an excellent base for a french manicure too.

In this photo, she’s got two coats of ‘I Theodora You, and one coat of the gently sparkling ‘Lights Of The Emerald City’.
The Oz O.P.I collection is available from John Lewis for £11.50 each.