imageIt’s the BAFTA Television Awards tomorrow night, and it gave me the idea of sharing with you what TV i’m loving at the moment. 
imageThe Middle is my go-to comedy sitcom when i’m feeling down or just needing comfort. It’s a US show that airs on Sky channels over here, and is a remake of sorts of Malcolm In The Middle. This time with much better actors and characters. It follows the ordinary middle-class American Heck family, and the comedy of their daily lives- their young son talks to himself and is a loner; their daughter is an uncool geek, and their son is the dumb football jock who has no luck with the ladies. It’s a funny, laugh-out-loud show about family love and the comfort of home life, and I can watch the same episode again and again.
imageI’m a soap lover. I NEVER miss an episode of Neighbours, Coronation St or Eastenders. I look forward to what I call ‘soap nights’- Mondays and Fridays when there is double Coronation St with Eastenders in between; and I love my afternoon dose of Neighbours. Working from home most of the time means I can enjoy this TV regularity, and I love it. Continuing Dramas are the ultimate escapism. I love to know what is coming up, so websites like Digital Spy and magazines like Inside Soap are my godsend.
imageThe Intern & The Apprentice make me scream at the TV. One thing i’ve always prided myself on is my business sense. I’ve always been self-employed/freelance and managed my own career in the media; and have had to solve some super-size and delicate problems for people and companies on jobs along the way. Oh the stories… I love watching how other people badly handle situations on these shows, and I love getting a peek inside different industries. The Intern on Channel 4 puts 3 newbies to the test each week in a skilled profession to see if they can jump ahead to a high-level job; and BBC’s The Apprentice sees 12 ‘entrepreneurs’ compete in business tasks to win an investment from Alan Sugar.
imageI love Channel 4’s Made In Chelsea. Not for the ‘reality’ of it obviously; but for the style, shopping and travel that I love, and for a part of London that I love. I like the nice things in life; so I relate to it.
top photo credit: Funky64 ( via photopin cc