This is an amazing hand cream, and as just a general cream to tackle harsh dry skin patches. It’s designed for the hairdressing trade to moisturise, protect skin from heat and act as a barrier cream against the chemicals in hair products and dyes.

For some reason, one of my elbows is always really dry and often sore. Reamin has completely softened it- something no other moisturiser has been able to do.
It also leaves my hands very smooth. The formula is thick, and takes some rubbing in for it to fully abdorb; but once it has sunk into your skin it feels amazing. Your hands feel protected also, as it contains beeswax, so leaves a non-greasy invisible coating on your hands. I love it, and it smells great too- like the sun-tan lotion that I associate with my childhood Summer holidays.
It’s available online for £4.32 (for 75ml)- link.