Up until New Year, I bit my nails on a daily basis right down as far as they would go. It was a nervous-energy thing, plus having any length to my nails irritated me.
My husband bought me a gel nails kit and lamp etc for Christmas; so I decided to try and grow them so that I could use it. It was surprisingly easy to stop the biting once I saw how pretty my nails could look; but they were in pretty bad condition and needed some major TLC.
I thought i’d share with you the nail and cuticle conditioning products i’ve been using to build up the strength of my nails.
Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover (£1.99 from Fragrance Direct) is such a quick and easy way to push back cuticles and dissolve the dead skin. You just apply a thin strip round the cuticle with the nozzle, and leave for 15-30 seconds, before gently scrapping away the dead excess cuticle from the nail, and pushing back the healthy cuticle neatly.
I also love Sally Hansen’s Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil (£5.35 from Amazon). I apply this all over the nail and cuticle with its brush (and rub in) after a manicure to soften the skin around the nail and condition the nail itself.
Before I apply nail polish, I use W7’s Stronger & Longer Nail Treatment (£2.99 from TJ Hughes) as a base coat. It’s like a thin clear polish that encourages nails to grow faster and stronger. It’s been really effective on my nails.
Have you got any hero nail care products you can recommend?