This post is sponsored by Panasonic; but the content and opinions are my own.
It’s that time of year when everyone is heading to the beach. Not me sadly, as i’m just too busy this Summer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share my beach essentials with you.

I must must must have a book at the beach. I like both paperbacks and reading electronically on my iPad. I always take real books to the beach though, as I don’t want my iPad getting sandy and wet. I love my Bagabook book case (£24.95 from, as I can keep my book and a little bit of money in it; stopping me having to take a handbag too.
Waterproof flip-flops are a must. I don’t like paddling in the sea in my bare feet as I don’t know what i’m standing on, and I can’t stand sand in-between my toes. I love taking my comfy Fit Flops (£40 from to the beach. They are a smart black; so go with everything, and don’t have that annoying post that goes between your toes. You work your muscles when you are walking in them too, due to their wobble board technology.
I always take a cooling spray to the beach too. I’m not a big fan of very hot weather, so my La Roche Posay Eau Thermale spray is my favourite way to cool down (£7.50 from
I also love to film my family and friends’ adventures in the sea. Photos just aren’t enough. Panasonic have asked me to share this handy video offering advice on how to choose the best camcorder. Videos are the best way for me to re-live the waves and the atmosphere.