As you may already know, I have the evening part of a wedding to attend at the end of next week. I’m currently hunting for a dress to match my new red Duo Boots wedges. It’s much harder choosing a dress to match shoes than it is the other way around.

I want something elegant and smart; not sparkly or garish, that sits just at the knee. I am ashamed to say that this will be the first wedding I have been to since I was a child. I was at my own wedding (obviously) but we didn’t have an evening event, and i’m the only one of my friends who is married, so i’m a tad clueless as to what is ideal to wear.

I’ve been having a look in Glasgow’s high streets and department stores but haven’t seen anything that I think is just right. So, i’ve taken to the internet and have found a couple of perfect wedding party dresses to choose from.

I love this dress from Dress First. Brown isn’t a colour I would normally go for; but this dressfirst.com one is just so pretty and goes perfectly with my shoes. I think it’s a great choice to bring in Autumn also.


This floral one from very.co.uk is also a winner for me. It’s a great dark floral for Autumn/Winter. I’m very much wanting to get away from Summer dressing now. I adore the contrast between the lace and floral prints., and quite like the idea of teaming it with some dark tights.

Which one should I go for? The plain or the patterned? Leave me comments below. I’d also love to see some of your wedding party looks- tweet me photos at @LPearsonSmith.