At an event recently, a brand new local shopping app announced a blogger competition to be named ‘Scotland’s Top Blogger’ and to also get an iPad Mini.
Immediately I was outraged for several reasons. What right has this new brand on the scene with no klout handing out a title like that based on who writes the best post about them? Yes, the entry criteria is a post about them…smell of a cheap way to get publicity, good reviews and backlinks anyone? An iPad Mini is nothing in expenditure compared to what advertising in these blogger’s blogs would cost them. Oh, and when they announce the winner, the wee blogger is going to be so excited they’ll post about it (and thus them) again. Not to mention tweeting about it to all and sundry. Who’s betting there’s a ‘cool’ branded badge announcing your new status for your sidebar too! Lucky you.

Let’s face it, the winner is no more ‘Scotland’s Top Blogger’ than I am a Best Actress Oscar Winner just because I bought myself one of those little plastic statuettes at Disney World.

This competition makes a joke of a blogger’s time and skill, and of our motivation for blogging. Don’t waste your time.

To enter you have to write a post about Mallzee. This is one- pick me, pick me, pick me…
Photo Credit: Scott Beale via photopin cc