Thursday, 17 October 2013


As you may have seen on Twitter, I am on a diet. I was considering the 5:2 Diet; but am now just on a simple calorie-controlled diet- counting calories to make sure what goes in is less than what goes out. I’ve been on it for two weeks now, and have lost 5lbs so far; so it seems to be working. It’s not really a hardship either as there’s no food I can’t eat, in moderation.

The weight of what you are eating is key to a diet like this. I got some Ozeri Digital Touch Sensitive Kitchen Scales (currently on sale for just £12.95 from £29.99, Amazon) and have been weighing everything from butter to potatoes to pasta. I was absolutely astounded at the amount of calories I had been taking in with hidden foods like butter when I was just slathering it on. It was scary!


These new scales have been a god-send for my diet, as I could never have judged the correct amounts by myself. They look so sleek too, and thin- like a tablet, and are really simple to operate. If you are thinking of starting a diet, kitchen scales are definitely the most crucial ingredient.

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