Last week I attended two food and drink events in Glasgow (so not good for my diet). One was the launch of new bar/restaurant The Hope on Waterloo Street, and the other was the launch of some new cocktails at the legendary T.G.I Fridays.

The architecture in The Hope is stunning, and the Victorian style decor is very fitting to the surroundings. The menu, by Maclay Inns, features a selection of hot hearty dishes like BBQ Pulled Pork (this was delicious) and lighter sharing platters such as prosciutto with mozzarella and tomato. They serve cocktails and a good selection of beers too; so it’s an ideal place to grab a drink and some food- especially as it’s right next door to Central Station.

Over at T.G.I Fridays, they have launched the first in a line of new cocktails. Out of the new arrivals, my favourite was the very sweet Red Velvet. It contains Malibu, Bacardi Superior Rum, raspberry liqueor, fresh raspberries, lime and gomme, and is finished with foam. You have to try it.
I also got to try some of the food from T.G.I Fridays’ menu. I’ve been many times but have never been brave enough to order any of the Jack Daniels marinated items in-case I didn’t like them; but the Jack Daniels Sesame Chicken Skewers are my new favourite. They have an amazing smokey flavour, and I could eat a whole bucket of them.