Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Last week, myself and 15 other bloggers were invited by yogurt brand Chobani for dinner at The Corinthian in Glasgow.

When we arrived, we went straight up to private dining room The Langley Room, which has great views over bustling Ingram Street. I apologise for the blue-tinged photos; but the room had strange blue lightbulbs. We were greeted with a cocktail containing Chobani, that I personally didn’t like the taste of; but it has inspired me to try and create my own Chobani yogurt cocktails.

We took our seats and chose our three courses from the menu, before the PR Amy explained the history of Chobani. It is really worth a read- link.


I chose the Vegetarian option starter- Chobani risotto with sun-blushed tomatoes, spring onion, broad beans and Parmesan. You could taste that it had been made with something slightly sharper than butter or cream; but it was still delicious.


For my main course I chose the rack of lamb with Chobani Dauphinoise potatoes, baby vegetables and Chobani mint sauce. The mint sauce and dauphinoise potatoes were so good- i’m definitely going to make the potatoes this way from now on and save myself hundreds of calories.


My dessert of Chobani vanilla and honey cheesecake with raspberry syrup was perfection. It was light and creamy, and you would never know that it wasn’t packed with fat-laden cream cheese. I’m going to attempt to make a Chobabi Passionfruit cheesecake this week; so keep an eye on my Instagram to see how I get on.

Let me know if you’ve ever attempted to cook with Chobani!

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