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Recently I was invited for a meal by Simply Fish to review them here on my blog. Simply Fish is a restaurant in Glasgow’s West End, and I took my husband for lunch there last week.

The restaurant is tucked away in an unsuspecting street, so it isn’t one I would have ordinarily stumbled upon, or gone out of my way to visit; but i’m very glad I did.


The restaurant is modern and sleek. The food is very elegantly presented despite its relaxed atmosphere and very reasonable prices. It would be a great place for a romantic dinner, a girly lunch or a family feast. All ages would love it, and it has excellent disabled access and facilities.


Despite it’s name, it does offer meat and vegetarian options; but we couldn’t visit and not try what they do best- the fish. It’s all fresh and delivered daily. For starters I had Salmon Terrine with Lemon & Herb Butter. It looked gorgeous when it arrived. The butter was a tad too sharp for me, and overpowered the fresh taste of the smoked salmon; but otherwise it was a generous portion and excellent value for money. I did end up eating some of my husband’s too, after getting chorizo-envy when I saw his Scallops with Chorizo & Black Olive Tapenade. I could eat chorizo till the cows come home, and here it went perfectly with the tender scallops.


As a main course, I revisited an old favourite that I had sickened myself of many years ago when touring Belgium and France- Moules Frites. My mussels were in a really nice garlic, lemon and cream sauce. I enjoyed it; but would have liked it much more with less lemon- it was again too bitter sadly. Luckily though, all the mussels were edible- none had to be discarded due to partially closed shells. The fries were amazing and crispy- just how I like them.

The presentation award definitely goes to my husband’s Fish & Chips. Children would love this. It comes served on pretend newsprint, and the vinegar is in a little spray bottle that you ‘scoosh’ on. He assured me the fish was very fresh, tasty and in a fabulously crispy beer batter. He loved the chunky chips too- crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle.


I was looking forward to the dessert the most. I had the Sticky Toffee Pudding- perfectly stodgy (as it should be) with a delicious sweet caramel sauce and icecream. I also had a taste of my husbands White Chocolate & Coconut Rice Pudding. This is not a combination I would have thought of putting together; but it was heavenly. It was thick, creamy, very chocolately, with toasted coconut flakes to break up the sweetness. Perfection!

We really enjoyed our visit, and would definitely return to try some more of their fish dishes. The staff were very attentive and knowlegable about the menu options.

Laura Pearson-Smith

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