Tuesday, 30 July 2013



Now that the weather seems to be remaining hot and everyone is off on a jaunt somewhere, I thought i’d share with you a few of my favourite Summer tunes. These are top of my playlist in sunny months as they make me smile. I’m sure i’ve forgotten so many other songs that I love; but these are standing out at the moment…

'Mr Blue Sky', Electric Light Orchestra

The ultimate Summer song. So good that Britain’s trusty M&S made it their theme tune for so long. It’s a sunny cool vintage track that is perfect for a road trip. 

‘Just Haven’t Met You Yet’, Michael Buble

This sound of this track is just so feel-good. I love the instrumental sections. To me, Michael Buble can do no wrong; but this is definitely going to become a classic.

‘Grace Kelly’, Mika

I love this song as it’s so catchy. Nobody could listen to this and not smile. I wonder where Mika has gone. He was the King of cheesy pop for about a year and then he disappeared. Come back!

If you are travelling this Summer, you should get yourself a pair of noise cancelling headphones. I change my headphones depending on where i’m listening to music; and i’m loving the Panasonic Noise Cancelling Headphones in 2013 when i’m on the move. No more road trips hearing motorway traffic, or train stop announcements or the buzz of a plane engine. I can get lost in my own little world- heaven. Plus, strangers don’t talk to you when you have headphones on- the joy!

What are your favourite Summer tracks? I really want some new additions to my playlist, so please share your top picks with me.

Saturday, 27 July 2013


On Thursday night I ventured into the city centre, to Argyle Street, in a thunder storm to check out (and eat) Sloans’ new Street Food menu.

It really is the ultimate comfort food, and each thing is designed for two to share. Now, I could so eat one on my own, and at only £9.95 I intend to go back and try.

There’s a couple of healthy looking Greek and Italian platters on offer; but to be honest, I was only interested in the chips. Chips topped with macaroni cheese, bacon bits, salsa and onion rings; chips topped with chilli con carne and cheese; and chips topped with BBQ, hot sauce and blue cheese sauce covered ribs and wings.

All were delicious; but the later bad boy is called ‘The Cowboy’, and it can line my stomach any day with it’s spicy, sweet, sticky (and messy) meats.

You can eat this new menu in the bar, or outside on the beer garden. Don’t bother bringing a friend- that’s just a waste of good food that you could be eating yourself!

Friday, 26 July 2013


The new issue of Love Magazine (their 10th edition/’Sweetie Issue’) comes out on Monday, and the cover star is the ultra-glamourous Minnie Mouse. The Disney and fashion obsessive in me is so excited about the ear headbands that several designers have reworked for the issue, and that have been showcased on the heads of some of the world’s top models. The Miu Miu creation (modeled by is my favourite. I must have it!


I adore the A/W13 collection from London College of Fashion-trained Reem Juan. It combines modern structure with the romance and history of floral fabrics, embellishments and soft pastels. I love seeing florals and Spring-like colours being used in Autumn and Winter. 

Monday, 22 July 2013


Sleek MakeUP make the best blushers. They are so pigmented, and great value. Their new Blush By 3 palettes are amazing value as you are basically getting three full-size blushers for the price of two.

I already own quite a few Sleek blushers; but in their more muted shades, so I fancied trying their super-bright popping pinks for the Summer. The three shades in the Pink Sprint palette are Pink Parfait (a deep red-toned pink), Pink Ice (a bright fuscia) and Pinktini (a muted muddy pink).

These go on so bright that you do need to blend them to avoid looking like a china doll. They are so pigmented that you literally just need to touch your brush lightly on the pan to pick up more than enough colour. I’ve got such fair skin, and blended well, these shades really lift my complexion. I can imagine though that someone with a gorgeous dark brown skin could have fun with more dramatic colour looks that are more akin to the bold colours in the pan.

Sleek’s Blush By 3 palettes are £9.99, and available at Superdrug.


Up until New Year, I bit my nails on a daily basis right down as far as they would go. It was a nervous-energy thing, plus having any length to my nails irritated me.

My husband bought me a gel nails kit and lamp etc for Christmas; so I decided to try and grow them so that I could use it. It was surprisingly easy to stop the biting once I saw how pretty my nails could look; but they were in pretty bad condition and needed some major TLC.

I thought i’d share with you the nail and cuticle conditioning products i’ve been using to build up the strength of my nails.

Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover (£1.99 from Fragrance Direct) is such a quick and easy way to push back cuticles and dissolve the dead skin. You just apply a thin strip round the cuticle with the nozzle, and leave for 15-30 seconds, before gently scrapping away the dead excess cuticle from the nail, and pushing back the healthy cuticle neatly.

I also love Sally Hansen’s Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil (£5.35 from Amazon). I apply this all over the nail and cuticle with its brush (and rub in) after a manicure to soften the skin around the nail and condition the nail itself.

Before I apply nail polish, I use W7’s Stronger & Longer Nail Treatment (£2.99 from TJ Hughes) as a base coat. It’s like a thin clear polish that encourages nails to grow faster and stronger. It’s been really effective on my nails.

Have you got any hero nail care products you can recommend?

Friday, 19 July 2013



When French thermals firm Damart approached me asking if they could send me one of their necklaces, I was sceptical about the quality due to the low prices.


The necklace I got was just £12, and has a grey twisted pearl effect. I was expecting something plastic and cheap-looking; but I was actually very surprised. It is in-fact rather pretty, and has a good solid weight to it. There is no way it looks like it is just £12.


It looks great as a formal necklace, and dressed down with jeans and a vest top. I’m keen to try some of their other amazing bargain accessories now!


This heavenly face oil is a great night time treat that I am loving at the moment. You apply it at bed time, and during the night it soaks into your skin; leaving it plump, soft and smooth for the morning. The pipette style applicator is handy too, as it means you don’t use too much.

It’s anti-aging and has a nice relaxing scent. It contains.all natural ingredients, and is packed with vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidents to moisturise and enrich your skin. The anti-aging element comes from the natural phospholipids and ceramides (age-delayers and cell regenerating optimisers). I use it a couple of times a week instead of a night moisturiser, and i’m so impressed with it.

Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Facial Oil is available for £14.99 from Holland & Barrett.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013



I’ve been decorating the last few days, and getting myself covered in paint. The walls are finally done in one of the bedrooms, so I was able to add some nice touches to the room to make it more homely. 



I adore my new lights from Cable & Cotton. They are basically cotton balls on a fairy light string (with the lights inside the balls), and you can choose as many colours as you want. They look amazing and really different as they look like little balls of wool. The only downside is that you have to assemble them yourself (so don’t waste time on the website choosing the right colour order you want!); but it’s easy enough to do by just slotting the lights into the pre-cut holes in the cotton balls.


Another addition is this gorgeous shaby-chic vintage-style jewellery cabinet from Out There Interiors. I love the chipped paint effect, and the pretty wallpaper inside it. It’s a really sturdy wooden piece, with a glass door; and I think it is excellent value for £59.00. Now I just need to find some time to sort out my jewellery…

Have you bought any amazing home items recently?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


This post is sponsored by Panasonic; but the content and opinions are my own.

It’s that time of year when everyone is heading to the beach. Not me sadly, as i’m just too busy this Summer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share my beach essentials with you.

I must must must have a book at the beach. I like both paperbacks and reading electronically on my iPad. I always take real books to the beach though, as I don’t want my iPad getting sandy and wet. I love my Bagabook book case (£24.95 from Bagabook.co.uk), as I can keep my book and a little bit of money in it; stopping me having to take a handbag too.

Waterproof flip-flops are a must. I don’t like paddling in the sea in my bare feet as I don’t know what i’m standing on, and I can’t stand sand in-between my toes. I love taking my comfy Fit Flops (£40 from Fitflop.co.uk) to the beach. They are a smart black; so go with everything, and don’t have that annoying post that goes between your toes. You work your muscles when you are walking in them too, due to their wobble board technology.

I always take a cooling spray to the beach too. I’m not a big fan of very hot weather, so my La Roche Posay Eau Thermale spray is my favourite way to cool down (£7.50 from Boots.co.uk).

I also love to film my family and friends’ adventures in the sea. Photos just aren’t enough. Panasonic have asked me to share this handy video offering advice on how to choose the best camcorder. Videos are the best way for me to re-live the waves and the atmosphere.

Friday, 5 July 2013


This is an alcoholic drink for over 18s only. Enjoy responsibly.

I got send a bottle of this last week, and it’s finished already. Gulp.

I’m going to pick up another few bottles of this delicious concoction next time i’m in the supermarket, as it is literally THE perfect Summer drink. Mango is the perfect flavour for warm weather as it’s so refreshing.

Sourz is designed to be used with a mixer, so i’ve been putting my Sourz Mango in ice cold lemonade. It’s sweet, tangy, fizzy and ‘citrusy’ (is that a word?) all at the same time.

Remember this is an alcoholic drink of 15%. It is for over 18s only. Enjoy safely.

It is available for £12 from Tesco stores nationwide.


I love this pretty yellow and white clutch bag with textured woven leather from Coach (£295). It would look great as a casual accompaniment to jeans, and as a more formal bag with a day dress. Now all I need is a trip to the Hamptons to show it off…

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