It has been so cold for the last few days, so i’ve been delighted with the pretty pastel pink cat print scarf that I got from Inspired Jewels. It is such good quality for a scarf that costs just £5. I’ve been wearing it with leggings, a vest top and a big cardigan. There are lots of different prints on sale for the same price, so I think i’m going to get myself some more to add to my scarf collection.

The book i’ve been reading is Angela Clarke’s Confessions of a Fashionista. It is a really entertaining read that peeks behind the often crazy fashion industry.
I started a Graze subscription at the start of last week, and my first box came on Thursday. I love it. It’s a great way to encourage you to eat healthier snacks. You get four at a time, and they send you all the nutritional information for each. In my first box (after telling them my likes and dislikes on their website) I got black pepper rice crackers, honeycomb flapjack, roasted pistachios and cheese rick crackers with salsa. All were delicious, and I can’t wait until box number two. If you want to try out Graze, visit and enter the VIP code K4532QFLE to get your 1st, 5th AND 10th boxes free.

More on the topic of food, i’ve been loving the cupcakes from Wholefoods as there is so much yummy frosting. The chocolate ones are my favourite, and I may have eaten a couple this past week.
My Mum went to London for a couple of days last week, and brought me a cute black and red handmade flower bracelet from Camden Lock Market. I love it.
By Laura Pearson-Smith