First of all, this bottle is stunning. It’s very self-indulgent and glamorous with an edge- very much like the scent itself; which is sweet and floral with the twist of liquorice.

Rose and Sandalwood are at the heart of the scent, along with strong notes of blueberry and liquorice. I also picked up mandarin almost immediately. I can imagine it would be too ‘sickly’ for those who like light fragrances; but fans of Diesel’s Loverdose and Lolita Lempika’s Lolita Lempicka will love it.
Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz describes the ME woman as “an individual, which doesn’t mean an individualist or a narcissist. No, she is an individual because she also thinks about herself. She pays attention to what she is or what she wears, rather than trying to position herself with respect to others. Since ME is a gift perfume, the ME woman likes to give it to herself”.

Lanvin’s ME 30ml is available for £33 from Harvey Nichols
By Laura Pearson-Smith