Last week was a busy one- I had several events to attend, and a fashion collaboration with Glasgow’s St.Enoch Centre to take part in.
On Wednesday, I went to the Rainbow Room International hair and beauty salon in Royal Exchange Square for an event, and had a pretty Jessica file and polish that is still going strong now. Having nice colours on my nails always cheers me up. A Jessica File & Polish treatment costs £26, if you fancy having one yourself. The manicurists here are great, and the polishes are such high-quality. I think I may have discovered my new favourite top coat too.

On Saturday, on the train to Edinburgh, I realised I had left my purse at home. I was stranded with no cash or cards and a train fare that needed to be paid. Luckily, I had a brilliant and friendly conductor (and not one of the usual ‘job-worths’) who helped me sort it out. I also had lots of offers of help on Twitter which helped restore my faith in people. Luckily I managed to successfully have my day in Edinburgh thanks to RBS Emergency Cash (which prior to this disaster, I was completely oblivious to). This service is genius, and all banks should offer it.
I’ve been really getting into wax melts recently, as the scent throw can be a lot more powerful than scented candles. Flamingo Candles’ Strawberry & Champagne melt smells good enough to eat, and really makes a whole room smell ‘yummy’. They are much cheaper than candles too, which allows you to try lots more varieties.
By Laura Pearson-Smith