Tuesday, 25 February 2014



I can’t believe it is nearly March already. This year is going by quickly. Last week I discovered such a cute way to get new unique earrings when Molly Coddle’s Kitchen sent me some examples of their Stud Club parcels.


When you subscribe, you’ll get a little delivery every month of a couple of pairs of handmade studs with a little treat such as a sweet or sticker. It’s such a great way to expand your jewellery collection, and at just £22 for one year, it’s a bargain.


I also listened to a great audiobook on Audible- Ali McNamara’s From Notting Hill With Love…Actually. I always listen to unabridged, so each book is about 10 hours long. I often prefer this for half an hour at night, compared to actually having a light on and physically reading. It also makes the story come alive more. This story is quirky and unique, and great for anyone who is a chick-lit fan. It’s about a young woman who is engaged but bored of her life because of all the movies she watches. The story follows her as she takes off for a month to prove she can live her life like those in a film.

By Laura Pearson-Smith

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