I’m so excited to be visiting The Corinthian this week, and i’m going to pay my first visit to the casino there. I have never been to a casino before; but I am partial to online casino games (naughty I know)- my favourite casino site is www.luckynuggetcasino.com as I can play that on my Android phone when out and about.

I’ve been trying to decide for a few days what to wear on my casino trip, as i’m pressuming (from movies) that I should dress up. I know in places like Las Vegas, people just go in their standard holiday clothes of t-shirts or novelty hen-night attire; but I don’t think that will cut it here, as most casinos in Europe are quite glamourous. Therefore, having narrowed it down to evening wear, I thought i’d write this post to help give me some more ideas. It did, and i’ve come up with a great outfit.


I think Lulu Guinness’ 50:50 Fifi Clutch (£295) is perfect for a casino visit. If only the odds were that good in the games! I also love the Hollywood glamour of this Stacie sequin dress from Coast (£350), and its red tones mean it will go perfectly with these red Britton heels from Kurt Geiger (£250). This dress is definitely a show-stopper.

I think it is important to look smart and well-presented when visiting an actual casino, as your blackjack skills will be taken more seriously and you will look like you know what you are doing. This is very un-nerving for the competition; where as my usual unseen pyjamas when i’m playing on my phone are not. As for my husband, he’ll be making his casino debut in a smart black suit- I think that a suit is essential for men in this environment as anything else just looks sloppy.

I wonder if i’ll win anything? Who am I kidding! It’ll be extremely fun though…