I tried to make my cocktails more exciting last week with this science kit, and had a great time doing it. It’s very Heston Blumental-esque, and has all the ingredients to turn your Cosmopolitan into foam, caviar pearls or encased in a jelly bubble.


The easiest one to do was the foam. I just added a powder to some of the cocktail liquid, and whisked with an electric whisk before spooning on top of my drink.


The cocktail encased in a bubble is a really unique way to serve it. It took a bit longer to do, and had more stages to it; but this was all worth it when I tried the final result. Again, I had to mix the cocktail liquid with a powder, and then place in the provided tray into the freezer. While it was in there for 30 minutes, I had to mix another powder with water to create a bath for the bubbles to sit in and form their correct ‘burst-in-your-mouth’ consistency after coming out of the freezer.

The hardest recipe to do was the caviar pearls. I never really managed it- my caviar wasn’t as small and neat as the little pearls in the book. You are provided with pipettes to do this, but for some reason, it was just too difficult for me. This was a shame as it is the recipe that looks the most visually stunning.
This would be a great activity for a girls’ night in, and i’m looking forward to trying it again now that i’ve had some practice. The Cosmopolitan Re-Evolution kit is available here for £29.99.
By Laura Pearson-Smith