I’ve been using this anti-aging and radiance-boosting mask for months now, and it is one of the easiest and most effective face masks i’ve ever tried. I use it once a week- usually just popping it on before I go in for a bath, and then taking it off 10-minutes later.

What makes this mask so easy to use is that once you have applied the clear sticky gel formula to your face, it sets and you can just peel it off. It comes away easily from your skin, and leaves it feeling softer, smoother, firmer and like it has had a really deep clean. For the rest of the week, my skin glows (due to the fruit extracts) and doesn’t suffer from the breakouts that some masks can cause.

This is a great product for Spring/Summer to help your skin look healthier as you start to wear less foundation.

It’s available from Crystal Clear for £24.99.

By Laura Pearson-Smith