In all seriousness, I absolutely love my Watchbot CCTV device for home security. I love that it’s such a small attractive design, and I can watch what it’s seeing through my mobile phone on-the-go.

It doesn’t record unless I tell it to through the Watchbot mobile app, and I can also turn on 2-way sound when i’m out and about too. If I did happen to catch a burglary in progress, they’re going to get a fright, as the device is small enough to fit into inconspicuous places.

I can instruct it to pan and tilt too, so I can be all seeing and all knowing wherever I am. The Watchbot is easy to set-up and operates over your home’s Wifi. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t have an invaluable use for this device- you could point it out the window to watch your car, or use it to keep an eye on elderly relatives (with their permission of course).

A Watchbot 3.0 costs £149.95 and is available at

By Laura Pearson-Smith

I was sent my Watchbot to review honestly, and all my opinions are my own.