I love the Easter weekend, and with less than a week to go, I can’t wait. Easter, to me, means the start of the sunshine and warm weather. I am not religious, so Easter is a chocolate and relaxation celebration in my household.

Working at home means I have days off all the time; but there’s something special about days when everyone is off and you don’t need to worry about what emails are waiting for you. My phone goes off, I eat until I burst and hopefully enjoy some good sunny weather.

Kinder is my favourite chocolate brand at Easter. I’ve loved Schoko-Bons since I discovered them as a child in Austria. Now they have them here in the UK. A couple of bags of these, plus a Kinder Easter bunny, does me just fine.

As I am also such a fan of sending and receiving handwritten cards and notes, I always like Easter cards. Dom & Geri do a great range of personalised cards for Easter (plus other occasions such as Father’s Day), so these will be landing on some family members’ doorsteps this year.

I always associate Easter with daffodils, so i’ll be picking some to go in a vase on Easter Sunday too. I think they are such a cheerful flower.

Whatever Easter means to you, make sure you use the free time to relax and pamper yourself. I think I may cook a Beef Wellington this year to enjoy with family on Easter Sunday.

By Laura Pearson-Smith

This is a sponsored post; but all opinions are my own.