I made another cheeky ringsandtings.com order as I loved the other items I got so much. My absolute favourite is the long-line hare necklace. It is really heavy and carefully detailed and was only £4.50. I also picked up a coral-coloured ring trio (£4.90) and a bright lime bracelet (£3.90) to go with the new H! By Henry Holland bag that I got at Debenhams.


I also headed to the Corinthian in Glasgow city centre for their Afternoon Tea (£15pp). It was just the right amount to satisfy my appetite but not make me so full I feel sick. I loved the meringue swans the best, as the meringue was lemon-flavoured which went really well with the raspberry cream.


TV-wise, I am so pleased Made In Chelsea is back. I was going to say it’s my guilty pleasure; but I don’t actually feel guilty at all. If you don’t watch Made In Chelsea (now on its 7th series) you should be very ashamed.

If you love a good drama, you also need to check out ITV’s Undeniable. Part One was on last week, and Part Two is on tonight at 9pm; but you’ll be able to see it on the ITV Player for about the next month. It’s about a woman in her late 30s who thinks she’s seen the man who killed her Mum when she was only 7. This man, however, is a family man and a respected Oncologist. It’s a gripping watch, and a definite must-see.

By Laura Pearson-Smith