I’ve acquired some new bits and pieces for my desk recently, so thought i’d share them with you. I was asked to go on a little spree on the Viking Direct website, and I chose lots of varied items.

I really want to start doing some fashion sketches and illustrations, so I bought lots of new coloured pens and markers so I could have a go at this. The Stabilo set of fine felt tip pens was £20.59. I also got some wider Berol markers (£6.49), and some Staedtler gold and silver ink pens (£3.29). I was surprised that Viking Direct sold so many varied items rather than just the printer paper and ink cartridges that I presumed.

I also got a little corkboard (£2.99) to go on the wall next to my desk so that I can pin little cards I receive on it, or pretty mementos.

I stocked up on some of the vital essentials from Viking Direct too- Tippex (£1.69) as I hate scoring things out, multi-coloured tacks (£1.29) and sticky labels (£3.79).

When I was in Debenhams recently, I bought this pretty shabby-chic wood and glass pen box in their homeware department for £10. I love it, and it stops me losing every pen in the house.

The candle of choice on my desk at the moment is the beeswax Heidi Klein Coconut Beach candle (£36). It smells amazing- turning the room into a faraway exotic location (when in reality, i’m sitting at home typing away). It’s a great Summer candle and contains the scents of vanilla, coconut, jasmine and marine.

By Laura Pearson-Smith