As i’m sure you will have already gathered, I am a huge scented candle fan; so I jumped at the chance to visit the Shearer Candle factory in Glasgow last week.

They make a vast selection of scented candles and room diffusers from their factory in Govan, and George Michael is a regular purchaser of their Persian Lime collection. They also have an amazing shop on the premises that sells all their ‘seconds’ i.e. all those candles and candle holders that may have torn labels, be the last few left from a season or be slightly mis-shapen. It is quite simply an Aladdin’s cave of bargains. I picked up a past season’s Mango & Starfruit Votive candle. The glass holder has a beautiful print, so is one I can re-use for another purpose when the candle is finished. It was just £2. You could really get carried away in this store.

They produce everything they sell in their Glasgow factory, and it is a vast space full of stores of different coloured waxes, wicks and scents; plus all the machines that put them together. I’m not going to talk you through the candle-making process here, as I filmed a vlog on my visit that you can view on my YouTube channel.

I also took home their Persian Lime (£7) and Watermelon (£7) travel candles- both light and fruity scents that are perfect for the Summer months. They burn cleanly, have a good scent throw and look pretty too- basically everything you want from a scented candle.

You can purchase Shearer Candles online at

By Laura Pearson-Smith