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From Uma Thurman to Robert de Niro and Robin Williams to Billy Crystal, a host of A list celebrities have been spotted enjoying the idyllic beaches and laidback lifestyle of Anguilla in recent years.

For anyone that’s already been to Anguilla, its popularity will come as no surprise, however for those of you yet to sample the delights of this Caribbean gem, here are the top 5 reasons why celebrities love Anguilla.

1. Beaches

Though it may be small in size, Anguilla has more than enough idyllic beaches to go around. In fact this diminutive island has 12 miles of them; giving every celebrity the chance to find their very own piece of paradise as they relax in the sun. Shoal Bay East, in particular, has been named one of the best beaches in the world by the Discovery Channel. Which is why there has been so much interest in the multi-million dollar beach-front properties at Zemi Beach.

2. Location

Apart from its obviously fantastic location in the Caribbean Sea, Anguilla has the extra advantage of lying close to one of the jet set’s favourite islands, St Maarten. With the journey taking just 20 minutes by ferry (and even less time if you go by private jet), celebrities can easily pop over to St Maarten for a bit of schmoozing, before heading back to the peace, quiet and tranquillity of Anguilla.

3. Food

If there is one thing celebrities love, it’s a great restaurant; and as Anguilla is known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean, it’s home to some of the very best cuisine in the region. Visitors to the island have their choice of great restaurants, and though the most popular do get booked up quickly, it’s still generally possible to find a table at a good restaurant whenever you’re hungry.

4. Nightlife

With a great atmosphere, lots of live music and seriously good bars, Anguillan nightlife is relaxed, intimate and a lot of fun.A big bonus for any celebrities wanting to dance the night away at one of the island’s bars or clubs is that, unlike some other nearby islands, there are very few paparazzi on Anguilla- giving even the most famous visitors a bit of privacy while they let their hair down.

5. Local Feel

As Anguilla is still one of the least known of the Caribbean Islands, even in the high season there are relatively few tourists to contend with. This gives the island a great local feel and ensures all events, attractions and restaurants have an authentic Caribbean feel.

As well as fewer visitors, Anguilla has also managed to avoid the rows of chain shops that have sprung up in other parts of the region. As a result, visitors have the chance to see and purchase a range of unique local products from local people, adding to the great feel of the island.

With its magnificent natural attributes, great location and enviable climate; it’s no wonder that Anguilla is fast becoming the number one choice for celebrities heading to the Caribbean. So, if you want your very own taste of A list life, why not visit Anguilla this summer and see how the other half live.

This is a post by Ian Garstang for Zemi Beach. Photo Credits: Zemi Beach.