I’ve picked up quite a few bits and pieces over the last fortnight, so I thought i’d put them together in a post since they are all accessories. There is so much though that i’m splitting it up into two parts- one this week, and the other next week.

Let’s start with jewellery. These pieces are all fantastic bargains. If you read this blog regularly you’ll know I love the Rings & Tings site. There are quite a few reviews of my treasures from there if you look back. The stuff is all ‘cheap as chips’ price-wise; but is excellent quality and looks much more expensive. This time I got a stunning colourful statement necklace (£6.50), and a triangular bright green bunting-style necklace (£4.30) that reminds me of Kate Spade’s designs. I also thought this ring was so cute and simple with it’s plain black heart (£3.50).

From another site, Lola Joesph , I got this golden key necklace filled with colourful stones (£6.99). It’ll look great teamed with a plain vest top. I also couldn’t resist this black cameo ring (£1.99), although i’ll be saving that for Autumn & Winter.

My flip-flops for the Summer are sorted with these wonderful inventions from Flopz (£40). They are basically standard flip-flops except for their amazing knobbly lining which massages your feet as you walk. Genius! I love their new Coral Collection, and think the pink with silver of the Siam design is so pretty. They come in a drawstring bag to keep them good too.

I’m a bit of a sunglasses collector, as my wishlist post from earlier this week shows. These ombre black sunglasses (£26.91) jumped out at me from the Firmoo site and I just had to have them. You can add a prescription to them if you need one, or just get them as non-prescription as I did.

Finally, for all you Glasgow readers, you need to get yourself down to one of the city’s main shopping places (St. Enoch Centre, Buchanan Galleries, House of Fraser, Debenhams or Princes Square) in the evenings after 5pm (until 30th June) to nab yourself one of these free limited edition Glasgow Style Mile tote bags designed by local fashion designers. There are 5 prints to collect- by William Chambers Millinary, Chouchou, Obscure Couture, Joanne McGillivray and Rebecca Torres.

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By Laura Pearson-Smith