Last week, I spoke with iconic shoe designer Patrick Cox about his inspirations, current collaborations and his plans to revive his own label again…

What made you fall in love with shoes?  

“Shoes are so sculptural- being freestanding objects in their own right. Unlike clothes, they don’t need a human body to come to life”.

I love the bright colours of your SS14 collaboration with GEOX. What inspired these colour, print and design choices?

“I was feeling a kinda kitsch 80’s brights moment… really typical pop postcard sunset colours of yellow, orange and pink with a turquoise sea. The tiger print mixed with fuchsia or turquoise was my ‘Warholian’ take on safari”


You also collaborated with Jigsaw last year with comfortable and stylish loafers. What other collaborations with retailers or brands do you have on the go?

“Belle Robinson contacted me and said that all her design team were talking about the return of the loafer and asked me if I would do a one-off loafer offer with them. I noticed a lot of hipsters wearing my old Wannabe loafers from the late 90’s and thought that the timing was great for a mini revival. I don’t have any other collaboration plans right now as am quite busy with my own label again”.

So, there are plans to launch your own brand label again?

“YES! I’m in the process right now of securing funding to launch my own line again. Stay tuned for more news!”

How are you planning on spending your Summer? Any favourite leisure time hobbies or activities?  

“I’m going to spend a lot of this summer in meetings with solicitors, accountants and money men but don’t feel sorry for me. I couldn’t be more happy to get my own collection out there again. Of course my work with GEOX will continue too!”

Patrick Cox’s S/S’14 GEOX collection is currently on sale at

By Laura Pearson-Smith