Nail art doesn’t have to be difficult. Even the simplest of designs can liven up a one-colour look. I picked up the limited edition Nails Inc London Love Collection Set around Valentine’s Day. It had 3 full-size varnishes- Notting Hill Gate (a hot neon pink), Kensington Square (a creamy baby pink) and Hyde Park Place (a creamy muted grey). I love the formula of the grey and baby pink; but i’ve never really been a fan of the Nails Inc neon formulas, and this one is no exception- I find it thin, and that it chips very easily. I also don’t think the shade goes very well with the other two great ones in this set.

I have been loving creating some nail art designs with the creamy shades in this set, as they look great together. The first is a simple yet striking chevron look- a grey triangle on top of the baby pink. I added a little of a gold glitter top coat to the triangle just to make it ‘pop’ a little more. Apply one coat of the pink and let it dry before painting on the grey triangle (the brush is fine enough to do this free-handed) with two coats. When that is dry, trace round it with a final coat of the pink, and add the glitter to the triangle.

Next, I did a swirly marble effect with the grey and the neon pink (I had to find a use for it somehow). I applied two thick immediate coats of the grey, and then dotted on a little on the neon pink before swirling them together lightly with a cotton bud. This will take quite a while to dry. When it does, apply a thick clear top coat to lock it in place.

Finally, I did a dotty design with the grey and baby pink again. You can never go wrong with polka dot nails. Apply two coats of the pink, and when they have dried, make little dots with the grey. It really stands out against the light pink background and looks so cute. When they have dried, pop on a clear top coat to keep the dots safely in place.

These three polishes are no longer available together as a set; but you can buy Nails Inc polishes individually at House of Fraser . If you head to their site, enter the fab £2000 beauty giveaway. That would make one epic haul post!

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By Laura Pearson-Smith