My foot-care regime hasn’t ever been the greatest. Feet have always just been those things on the end of my legs that can easily be hidden away in socks and shoes. This year, however, I have been making a conscious effort to get my feet sandal-ready for Summer. Pool sliders are all the rage after all.

I thought i’d share with you the steps i’ve been following to make my feet soft, smooth and attractive…

1. I do a dry file on the hard skin on my heels, the balls of my feet and the sides using a foot file I picked up in John Lewis (£3). Afterwards, run the file under a warm tap to clean, and leave to dry naturally.

2. Once you have filed the hard skin, use a dedicated foot exfoliating cream (as it will be grittier than body or facial exfoliators), and rub it in vigorously onto your dry feet. I love the Scholl Dry Skin Exfoliator (£4.49 from Boots). To rinse off, soak your feet in a basin of hot water for 5-10 minutes. This will clean off the exfoliator, and soften your feet for the next stage. I always add some lavender shower gel to the water to aid relaxation too.

3. Pat your feet dry with a towel, and apply a healthy amount of foot cream. Massage this into your feet, and then apply another thick layer before putting a pair of socks on top. If you do this just before bed, the thick layer of cream will soak into your skin overnight and greatly increase the moisture factor. The Nu Skin Epoch Foot Treatment cream (£19.99 from Ebay; but you may find it cheaper from another seller) is great; although it doesn’t smell very appealing at all.

By Laura Pearson-Smith

1st Image Credit: via photopin cc