They’re Real Liner (£18.50) is the latest release from Benefit Cosmetics. It’s a black waterproof eyeliner that’s designed to go with their much-adored They’re Real Mascara.

You may be thinking that you already own several black eyeliners; but this one is different and easier to apply. It has a flexy ‘AccuFlex’ rubber tip that ‘hugs’ your lash line to help you stay on course. Personally, I have always been unable to apply eyeliner properly in any form- it always ends up across the middle of my eyelid, and never goes on neatly. I got much further with this new They’re Real Liner than I ever have with anything else. It’s still a bit tricky to apply for me; but i’m getting much better with practice. If you are already semi-ok with eyeliner, using the new They’re Real Liner will be a breeze and will cut your time in half.

To dispense the gel eyeliner formula onto the rubber tip, you just twist the bottom until about a millimetre is visible. You then just use it like a pen. Beware, however, that this eyeliner dries fast and sometimes has a tendancy to clump if you dispense too much, so you need to work very quickly. I find it better to dispense some on the back of my hand and work that way, to avoid any excess product.

There is no doubt that this is a unique product to the eyeliner market, and that it is well worth a try if perfect eyeliner or cat flicks is something you struggle with.


Along with the They’re Real Liner, Benefit have also launched the They’re Real Remover. The biggest complaint about the mascara has been that it’s murder to remove, so Benefit have brought out this creamy remover to help you with taking it, and the new liner, off. I’ve been trying it out, and don’t think it makes them any easier to remove than any other waterproof eye make-up remover. Plus, at £14.50, it’s not cheap. This one’s not for me sadly.

Both the They’re Real Liner and They’re Real Remover are available at Benefit counters nationwide, or online from Debenhams.


I went to a launch event at the Benefit counter in Debenhams Glasgow (where I wore my new Pamela Mann floral tights), and vlogged some of it for you which you can watch on my YouTube channel later today.

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By Laura Pearson-Smith