Last Thursday, I went to the store launch party for the new Kiehls Glasgow branch- the largest of their stores in Europe. It looks amazing, and is spread out over two floors; one of which has a permanent free photobooth.


Yasmin took charge of the DJ booth, and cute whisky cocktails from Auchentoshan were served in mugs.

It was so busy at the event, so I can’t wait to go back and have a proper browse of this Buchanan Street store.

I also got a screen cleaning stylus for my gadgets. It has a rubber stylus point on one end, and a small push-down spray on the other end which squirts anti-bacterial cleaning solution onto your gadget screen. You then just wipe with the specially-made soft side of the stylus. My phone’s touchscreen is always covered in make-up or chocolate fingerprints, so this is a great product if your screen is always grubby or if you lend your phone to someone else to make calls a lot. I keep the Cyber Clean Stylus (£9.99) in my handbag as it cleans brilliantly; but it’s a bit too wide and cumbersome to use as a stylus unfortunately.

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By Laura Pearson-Smith