I was reading a survey today where online voucher site My Voucher Codes questioned British men and women on their ideal beach body, and their body insecurities. The results generated these ‘perfect’ body mock-ups as images to aspire to, as voted for by the people questioned. 

A massive 45.5% said they were not happy about their waistlines and would change them. Followed by 12.4% wanting to change their legs. Mark Pearson from My Voucher Codes says “We know from previous research we have done that many people get their inspiration from celebrity bodies, as shallow as that may seem. We want people to be happy with the body they have but also to be healthy…we found previously the ideal stomach for women is the toned stomach of Lucy Mecklenburgh from TOWIE, and for men, the muscular stomach of Scotty T from Geordie Shore”.

I always get really annoyed every Summer when I see newspapers and magazines run bikini-body diet guides. Not everyone looks good in a bikini- fact. If you are a healthy person, it’s a waste of time trying to perfect your body for a holiday- do something more worthwhile with your time. It’s also a waste of a good holiday worrying what you look like. If you don’t think you look good in a bikini or shorts, wear a light cover-up over them; or if you are happy wearing them, then do so and don’t concern yourself with what other people think. We aren’t all supposed to look the same.

A holiday is for relaxation and making memories; not for worrying about what you look like. Concentrate on what’s important in life- your cellulite is most definitely not.

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Image Credit: My Voucher Codes