The last few weeks have been difficult for me personally, so I have to admit that I did struggle when trying to think of what made me smile.

collage of film images

I’ve been enjoying the simple things in life- I cannot even count the number of films I’ve watched. Some great ones that I thoroughly recommend are Chef which is about how a restaurant chef gets to truly realise his passion for cooking and connect with his young son. I also really enjoyed Tammy which is a hilarious comedy with one of my favourite actresses Melissa McCarthy. She plays a down-trodden woman on a road trip (full of mishaps) with her eccentric gran. If horrors and thrillers are more your bag, Devils Due is a suspenseful film about a newlywed couple that get involved in the occult on their honeymoon.

poster on table with flowers

I also got sent a very cute poster print from Chatterbox Walls. They have lots of designs that you can personalise with your own details. A small print (A4 size) is £14.99. I don’t think the print-out of the simple design I got is worth that much as I could have made it myself; but the more complicated designs on offer are definitely worth paying for as you couldn’t recreate anything like those at home easily.

a diary and notebook from Tesco

I also got myself some new stationery in Tesco. I found a great notebook in the sale for £5 that says ‘write, think, create’ on the front. I’m using this for planning my editorial calendar and for post/article ideas. I also got a new pink diary, as mine was too big and getting a bit messy. I love fresh new things to write in.

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Photo Credit: Kali187 via photopin cc