Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I was tagged to do this by julie-ellen.com, so here goes...

1) What's your favourite beauty product?
I couldn't possibly pick one specific beauty product, so I'll pick a group- lipsticks. I like collecting them as they are pretty to look at and wear.

2) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I've been to everywhere I really want to go, except for Los Angeles; so I'd go there. There's Disney, movie stuff, shopping, good food, warm weather...

3) What is your all-time favourite brand?
That's so hard to answer. My favourite high-street brand is probably Sleek MakeUP, as all their products are incredible quality. More high-end favourites are Bare Minerals and Urban Decay.

4) Do you collect anything, and if so, what is it?
I haven't added anything to it for about a year now; but I have an extensive collection of Disney pins (decorative enamel and metal badges) and Disney Vinylmations (decorated Mickey-shaped plastic ornaments).

5) Early bird or night owl?
Early bird. I more or less need matchsticks to keep my eyes open after 9pm, and I get most of my day's To Do List done between 6am and 8am.

6) Tea or coffee?
Always tea, never coffee. Milk and one sugar.

7) What is your favourite TV show?
Definitely ABC's Pretty Little Liars. As soon as I watched Season 1 Episode 1, I was hooked and watched up to the current Season 5 mid-season finale back to back. This show has everything!

8) If you could travel to any era, what would it be?
I think it would be the Victorian era- the time of Jack the Ripper, as I think it would be really exciting. I wouldn't walk about at night though, obviously.

I tag Nicole from Life Of A Trainee Journalist and Roisin from Rose Keats.

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Monday, 29 September 2014


disney on ice uk merchandise stand

This weekend, I had a great time at the Disney On Ice: 100 Years Of Magic show in Glasgow, after being invited to come along by their PR. 

As a major Disney fan, I always go to the Disney On Ice tours. Unfortunately, this show was identical to one they did back in 2010, but I think it was called Disney On Ice: Memories Of Magic then. It would have been nice for them to have added in some new elements; but it was still a great show.

Performance image from Disney On ice: 100 Years Of Magic

My favourite element was the re-creation of the It's A Small World ride, as it is such an iconic experience from all of my Disney park visits.

clarks lolly dawson boots on feet

I wore one of my favourite dresses at the moment (a SS14 piece from New Look), with my new super-comfy Clarks Lolly Dawson suede boots in Taupe, a Silver & Turquoise bracelet from Dower & Hall and a 'Believe' necklace from Jewellery Ever After. On my nails, i'm wearing Essie's I'm Addicted.

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Friday, 26 September 2014


I am completely lusting after the Daisy London Halo Necklace and so many of its accompanying Halo Coins. I just love the concept of the necklace (as does Cara Delevingne who was spotted wearing it)- the ability to chop and change the coin in the holder to suit your mood or the occasion.

Prices for the Halo Holder (necklace) itself ranges from £75 for an 18-inch Silver, to £105 for a 30-inch Gold. After that you just choose one or more Halo Coins (£30 each for Silver, £39 each for Gold) to go in the centre. As you can imagine, I have built up quite a wishlist of these coins; with there being over 90 to choose from.

Aren't they pretty? I defy you not to want one of these beauties! They are available online from http://www.daisyjewellery.com/necklaces.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


I've been reading a lot this Summer. Chick-lit is my escapism of choice. I wanted to share with you some of the books that I've enjoyed over the past couple of months in the hope that you'll seek them out and love them too...

It's Up To You, New York by Tess Daly

Yes, it's written by that Tess Daly; and it is actually a very enjoyable read. It's about Holly Collins, who works in a call centre when she is scouted to take part in the equivalent of Britain's Next Top Model. Without giving too much away, this experience changes both her and her life. When she gets the opportunity to visit New York, yet more life changing events occur.
I read this novel in two days as it is such an easy and pleasant read. There's fashion, glamour, bitchiness, friendship, love and tension.

The Guest List by Melissa Hill

This is quite a long book; but I enjoyed every page. It's about a couple who want to marry in a small beach ceremony on a Carribean island; but their families are outraged that it is so untraditional and awkward for them to get there.
The characters are all really well developed, and there is plenty of humour as you wonder whether the wedding will actually manage to take place. The themes of family and relationships are at the forefront, and there are a couple of *gasp* surprises in the story too.

The Fabulously Fashionable Life of Isabel Bookbinder by Holly McQueen

Isabel Bookbinder is a bit like Sophie Kinsella's Becky Bloomwood- always in a pickle, and completely hilarious as she tries to navigate life.
Despite having no experience, Isabel is determined to be a top fashion designer and gets into many laugh-out-loud situations along the way. If you want a novel to completely relax with and better your mood with, this is the one.

There Goes The Bride by Holly McQueen

Here, we join the story just as Polly dumps her fiance just shortly before their wedding for no apparent reason. Her sister Bella and best friend Grace try to get her to talk about it and see sense; but end up exposing and having to face up to their own relationship problems and unhappiness.
The book alternates between Bella and Grace's perspectives as they navigate the trickiness of modern relationships when they are faced with busy work schedules and uncaring spouses.
It was a really easy story to get into, and is a simple read about the complexities of being a wife and mother while still keeping your own identity.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Fringing is everywhere at the moment; from gloves to bags and jackets. This is a trend that I'd only do subtley with a fringed bag as it's not really my style; but for those who love a bit of fringe action, here's a peek of what's out there in stores at the moment...

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014


shop front of bare minerals store buchanan galleries

I went along to the Bare Minerals store in Glasgow's Buchanan Galleries to learn all about their new Bare Skin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation and get my make up done.

The store is amazing, and stocks everything from the Bare Minerals brand. The staff are really knowledgeable and will help you choose what make-up shades suit you best.

Left Side: With Bare Skin Foundation                   Right Side: Without

During my consultation, I fell in love with the Bare Skin foundation immediately (their first liquid foundation) as it gave great coverage while still being so light-weight. The brush has been designed especially for it, and has a small well in the centre. You add a drop of foundation to the well (a little goes a long way) before buffing onto your skin. You start with one layer; but can add more until you reach your desired coverage level. I liked two applications on my face.

Bottles of Bare Minerals Bare Skin Display

There are so many shades to choose from, so there is literally one to suit every skin tone. If you aren't sure which one is best for you, pop into the store to get colour-matched. My shade is the lightest- 01.
Bare Skin also has SPF 20 for protection and Vitamin C for brightening. It also  contains none of the ingredients found in regular foundations, such as oil, silicone, water or parabens; but instead has the bare minimum of ingredients added to a coconut-derived base.

My overall make-up look had a purple berry colour theme to it; which is perfect for Autumn. On my eyelids, I just have the BB 5 In 1 Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow in shade Elegant Taupe, finished with Lasting Line Eyeliner in Endless Orchid and their Lash Domination mascara. It's such a pretty, but simple to achieve, look.

My lipstick is from the Marvelous Moxie range and is called Lead This Way, and they are topped with the iridescent Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Hypnotist.
I also love the blusher I have on. It's one of their loose powder blushes, and is in the shade Kiss- a soft and subtle rose shade.

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I have a pretty looking and smelling bottle of nail maestro Leighton Denny MBE's new fragrance LIGHT & DARK to give away to one of my followers today.

LIGHT & DARK is described as a modern oriental floral scent that serves as a mood enhancer. It has "a special blend of absolute oils including a fruity mixture of pepper, myrrh and incense" and its "heart of gardenia, jasmine, lily and rose...triggers instincts of allure, attraction and desire". The "top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, peach and white pepper stimulate confidence and distinctiveness".

To enter to win a bottle, all you have to do is follow the instructions on Rafflecopter below...

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Monday, 22 September 2014


The Custom House Dublin Exterior

I just love this video, so as soon as I saw it I agreed to share it with you. The video, which is by Tourism Ireland to promote Dublin, contains such a fun game- there are 8 kissing couples around Dublin landmarks, and you have to guess which are real couples and which are strangers.

I got it completely wrong, as I was working on the premise that if they lingered with the kiss or with their heads touching, they were a real couple; and presumed that any over the top gestures made them strangers. Try it out yourself, it's such fun. Plus, how good does Dublin look in this video too!?

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Photo Credit: The Custom House, Dublin, Ireland via photopin (license)


There are so many boot, bag, scarf and jewellery items that I am lusting over at the moment for Autumn. I can't wait to be able to start layering, and dressing for the colder weather.

Last week I was told about a website called Love Sales, where you can add items from the sites you normally shop at to a wishlist, and be notified when they go on sale or the price is reduced with their handy price drop alert tool. I think this is such a handy thing for items that you 'need' but don't need right now. If you can wait a few months for the items you are coveting, it is definitely worth using this tool so that you can get them cheaper. All you have to do is download a button from the site to your toolbar, and literally 'pin' the items you want to track on to your wishlist on the site. Love Sales is also a great site for finding out what brand's or store's sales are currently running, as it lists them all on their homepage.

I'm currently using the Love Sales website's price drop alert tool to track the items in the below wishlist, as some of them are rather pricey!

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Last week I went along to the launch of Benefit Cosmetics' Bling Brow set. They well and truly have your sparkle sorted for the festive season.

Bling Brow (£19.50 and available from 1st November) is a set of 52 Swarovski crystals (in rose gold and clear crystal shades) that are self-adhesive and designed to be applied to your brows with the enclosed tweezers. There is a handy tips leaflet also, which gives you ideas of how to arrange them; but basically you can 'bling' up your brows for party season however you choose.

Once they are on, they are really secure and can stay there for up to three days. Personally, I like to thoroughly cleanse all of my face every night, so I wouldn't leave them on for more than a day. There are plenty in the set though to last you a long time.

I love the idea of putting gems on my brow area, and this isn't the first time i've done it. There is a company called Eye Rock who do something similar. This set from Benefit, however, is so pretty looking. You'll be desperate to store some treasures in the metal box once you've finished it.

Benefit Cosmetics are also offering Bling Brow services at their Brow Bars from 1st November for a limited time. They will do one of the three looks for you from between £4 to £16, dependant on the chosen design.

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Saturday, 20 September 2014


A couple of weeks ago I headed to the lovely surroundings of the Blythswood Square Hotel in Glasgow for the Debenhams AW14 Scottish Press Show. It was great to see all their new season Designers at Debenhams collections, as well as some amazing Christmas beauty product releases from some of my favourite Debenhams Beauty Hall brands.

I wore by a pretty wine-coloured skirt from Lavish Alice (available here for £38) with a simple black vest top and cardigan. The skirt's fabric feels like a cross between lycra and neoprene, and there is an eye-catching sheer white mesh panel that runs all the way around. I love it.

At the press show, I loved the abundance of black in the fashion on display. It is definitely my colour of choice. I also loved the number of jumpsuits there was- some plain black (an elegant twist on evening wear) and some in pretty dark floral prints. I've so far avoided the jumpsuit bandwagon after trying one on a while ago that didn't suit me. Now, however, these gorgeous ones from Debenhams are firmly on my radar.

Beauty wise, the highlight of the night was the preview of the Christmas gift sets from Benefit Cosmetics. The packaging theme is gingerbread houses, and the product selection in the kits and their famous advent calendar is amazing. 

Even if you are a Benefit fan and think you have every conceivable Benefit product, you will never manage to let this Christmas set of their boxed blushers (yes, them all together) pass you by!

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Thursday, 18 September 2014


Earlier this week I made some Queen's head iced cookies, in the colours of the Union Jack, to show my support for the Better Together campaign. They were a tasty treat for me too.

I used my Tea With The Queen Cookie Cutter (£6.99) from iwoot.com and used pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough from Mo's Cookie Dough (which I got for around £4 at Whole Foods). It's handy and only takes 8-10 minutes to bake. They were soft and chewy in the middle- just the way I like them.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I also got a spare Tea With The Queen Cookie Cutter to give away to one of my readers, so if you want to win it you can enter via Rafflecopter below...

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