We all know that I love the finer things in life; but I am addicted to budget stores such as Home Bargains for home and interior items. A few months ago, while I was searching for new decor treasures, I noticed the abundance of ‘cheap as chips’ skincare items that they were selling, so I bought a few bits and pieces so I could put them to the test for you. Here’s how I got on…

Elements Spa Therapy Collagen Anti-Aging & Lifting Face and Neck Mask, £1.19

This was a really disappointing purchase. The mask is huge, and so is too big for a normal sized face. It didn’t feel like it did anything either- my face didn’t feel firmer, tighter or even just refreshed afterwards.

Renew You White Clay Smooth & Define Fabric Face Tonic, £0.99p

Again, this was a major disappointment. Being a clay mask I expected it to harden and dry on my face; but it remained wet and slippery. My skin didn’t feel any different afterwards. This is a 2-step treatment i.e. there is a serum to apply after the mask. However, the serum feels horrible to apply and my skin didn’t absorb it well at all.

cracked heel treatment patch

Aloe Vera Heel Patches Softening Treatment, £23.78 For 24 Patches

I found these utterly amazing, and extremely effective in softening the dry hard skin on my heels. They look and feel like big plasters, and after I’ve given myself a pedicure I put these on, pop a pair of socks on top and wear them overnight. In the morning, my heels are soft and feel like they have been given a major burst of hydration. This bumper pack contains 12 treatments, at less than £2 each.

eye wrinkle patches

Skinlite Wrinkle Care Eye Gel Patches, £1.49 For 12 Patches

I love these, and have already repurchased them several times. These are really effective in combating under eye dark circles and puffiness, and are cooling to the skin. I pop mine on under my silk eye mask at bedtime. The instructions tell you to use them 3 times per week, so £1.49 gets you a month’s supply of patches- you can’t really ask for better.

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