There are so many boot, bag, scarf and jewellery items that I am lusting over at the moment for Autumn. I can’t wait to be able to start layering, and dressing for the colder weather.

Last week I was told about a website called Love Sales, where you can add items from the sites you normally shop at to a wishlist, and be notified when they go on sale or the price is reduced with their handy price drop alert tool. I think this is such a handy thing for items that you ‘need’ but don’t need right now. If you can wait a few months for the items you are coveting, it is definitely worth using this tool so that you can get them cheaper. All you have to do is download a button from the site to your toolbar, and literally ‘pin’ the items you want to track on to your wishlist on the site. Love Sales is also a great site for finding out what brand’s or store’s sales are currently running, as it lists them all on their homepage.

I’m currently using the Love Sales website’s price drop alert tool to track the items in the below wishlist, as some of them are rather pricey!

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