I’ve been picking up a few new home items that I wanted to share with you…

I’d been eyeing up this ceramic camera ornament (£7) on the Wilko‘s website for some time but it was always out of stock. However, I popped into a store as I was passing and they had one. I love it, and think it would look great on any blogger, journalist or social media-aholic’s desk.

I also visited the bargain-tastic B&M Stores, and managed to find this cute (and very heavy) slate ‘home’ heart for just £1 in the clearance section. It is always worth a good rummage in stores like this and Home Bargains. I’ve got no idea where I’m going to hang it yet, so I’ll wait until inspiration strikes me.

Lastly, I ordered this stunning photo frame from Museum Selection. When I finally get round to choosing photos for it (probably in black & white), it will hang in my living room. I love it’s gilt edges and mirrored sections, and think it will look great as part of a gallery wall feature.

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