I’ve been reading a lot this Summer. Chick-lit is my escapism of choice. I wanted to share with you some of the books that I’ve enjoyed over the past couple of months in the hope that you’ll seek them out and love them too…

It’s Up To You, New York by Tess Daly

Yes, it’s written by that Tess Daly; and it is actually a very enjoyable read. It’s about Holly Collins, who works in a call centre when she is scouted to take part in the equivalent of Britain’s Next Top Model. Without giving too much away, this experience changes both her and her life. When she gets the opportunity to visit New York, yet more life changing events occur.

I read this novel in two days as it is such an easy and pleasant read. There’s fashion, glamour, bitchiness, friendship, love and tension.

The Guest List by Melissa Hill

This is quite a long book; but I enjoyed every page. It’s about a couple who want to marry in a small beach ceremony on a Carribean island; but their families are outraged that it is so untraditional and awkward for them to get there.

The characters are all really well developed, and there is plenty of humour as you wonder whether the wedding will actually manage to take place. The themes of family and relationships are at the forefront, and there are a couple of *gasp* surprises in the story too.

The Fabulously Fashionable Life of Isabel Bookbinder by Holly McQueen

Isabel Bookbinder is a bit like Sophie Kinsella’s Becky Bloomwood- always in a pickle, and completely hilarious as she tries to navigate life.

Despite having no experience, Isabel is determined to be a top fashion designer and gets into many laugh-out-loud situations along the way. If you want a novel to completely relax with and better your mood with, this is the one.

There Goes The Bride by Holly McQueen

Here, we join the story just as Polly dumps her fiance just shortly before their wedding for no apparent reason. Her sister Bella and best friend Grace try to get her to talk about it and see sense; but end up exposing and having to face up to their own relationship problems and unhappiness.

The book alternates between Bella and Grace’s perspectives as they navigate the trickiness of modern relationships when they are faced with busy work schedules and uncaring spouses.

It was a really easy story to get into, and is a simple read about the complexities of being a wife and mother while still keeping your own identity.

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