Friday, 31 October 2014


Raspberry & Vanilla Cake

Today I baked a twist on Victoria Sponge by making a raspberry buttercream and raspberry jam-filled vanilla sponge topped with vanilla buttercream. I've eaten a huge wedge of it and it's yummy.

I picked up a vanilla Victoria Sponge cake mix in the supermarket. I find these so handy and so nice, so why bother mixing up my own?! All I had to do was add 2 medium eggs, 40g of butter and 150mls of milk to it.

Once I'd beaten it all together, I separated the mixture equally into two greased 7-inch cake tins and popped them into my pre-heated oven at Gas Mark 5 for 20 minutes.

Then I watched Neighbours while the cakes cooled. To make the icing, I use lightly salted butter as I love the slightly salty taste in the buttercream (is this weird?!). I beat the butter with icing sugar and then separated into two bowls- plain buttercream for the top, and buttercream with crushed raspberries mixed into it for the inside.

All I then had to do was put a layer of  raspberry jam and raspberry buttercream inside the cake sandwich, and top it with the plain vanilla buttercream and some sprinkles. Delicious.

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Thursday, 30 October 2014


Shu Uemura Shupette Palettes

Shu Uemura's new Shupette collection (a collaboration with the iconic Karl Lagerfeld) is just too cute to resist. Choupette, in case you didn't know (where have you been?!) is his very-much pampered cat; so Shupette is the cat's name combined with the brand's name. Clever huh?

The sickly sweet pink packaging and illustrations of tiny white cats make this range a piece of girly heaven, and almost too pretty to use. However, like everything else i've tried from Shu Uemura, the quality is superb, so i've been ignoring the prettiness and digging right in.

Inside View Of Shu Uemura Shupette Palettes

Shupette Shu Uemura Eye Swatches

The eyeshadows (in the 'eye-need-shu trio') are highly pigmented and very long-lasting. They also blend really well too. I'll be combining a pink smokey eye with some silver eyeliner for a frosty Winter look.

Shupette Shu Uemura Lip Swatches

The lip colours (from the 'rouge bonbon fantasy trio') are creamy and glossy and easy to apply. The colours are strong, vibrant and really pack a punch. They last a long-time (and several drinks) too.

My only complaint is the size in collaration with the price. The pallettes are the tiniest i've ever seen and so don't justify their £30 price tag due to the amount of product you are getting. However, if you love the novelty factor, nothing will stop you snapping these up anyway.

You can purchase these Shu Uemura Shupette palettes online at Selfridges for £30 each.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014


The sleek black cover will add a touch of simple elegance to your table. Inside, a range of celebrities model Karl Lagerfeld's classic and versatile black jacket in stunning photographs.

This tome takes you through some of the most iconic and instantly recognisable dresses of all time from the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Diana, Princess of Wales.

See a history of Louis Vuitton's campaigns and editorial spreads in this celebration of the logo-loving brand. A stylist's dream book.

The dramatic cover show just one of headwear designer Phillip Treacy's eye-catching designs. See the history of his creations inside, along with intimate studio images.

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Main Photo Credit: MASolari via photopin cc

Monday, 27 October 2014


Sixties shapes and cuts are everywhere in fashion this season, and for the final post in my AW14 Trend Alert series, i'm sharing my favourite Sixties-inspired picks from my most-frequented retailers...

AW14 Sixties Trend Collage

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Friday, 24 October 2014


As a major Disney and fashion enthusiast, I love it when these two worlds come together.

I adore the new hat and headpiece collection from Alexandra Harper Millinery that's inspired by everyone's favourite fairy, Tinker Bell, and associated with Disney UK. These luxury pieces are stunning- I just need to find somewhere to wear one now. All wedding invitations are appreciated.

My two favourite pieces from the collection is the flat metallic green platter with leather leaves delight Forest Flight (£350), and the yellow pillbox with hand-beaded star hat Enchantment (£450).

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Image Credits: Disney, Dani Riot for Alexandra Harper Millinery

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


There have been quite a few new fashion and beauty discoveries that I've been loving this month, and so want to share with you.

I came across online fashion boutique Wear All, and just adore my new bodycon dress from there. Everything is so affordable, and they have a huge selection. This Tayler V Neck Colour Block dress was just £19, and is really versatile.

max factor cc sticks

max factor cc stick swatches

On the beauty front, i've been finding the Max Factor CC Colour Sticks amazing. I'be long been a fan of using coloured concealers to even out my skintone; but these come in such a handy format and blend really well. I mostly use the green to reduce redness on my cheeks, chin and forehead; and yellow for under my eyes to brighten and reduce dark circles. There is a stick for concealing every type of skin dilemma, and they are £8.99 each from Boots.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick Raisin

max factor colour elixir raisin swatch

Also from Max Factor, my favourite lipstick at the moment is their Colour Elixir lipstick in shade Raisin. It's a pretty purple-toned red that's perfect for Autumn. It's not too deep a colour, so is perfect for everyday wear. The lipstick itself just glides on and is so moisturising. It costs £7.99 from Boots.

benefit high brow glow

benefit high brow glow swatch

Finally, Benefit Cosmetics' High Brow Glow (£15.50) has been my eyebrow saviour this month. I literally don't know how I managed before finding it. It lifts your brows by illuminating your brow bone. The formula is really soft and creamy, and it's such a pretty and natural champagne shade.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Halloween and Bonfire Night are coming up, and if you are going to be outside, you'll need to wrap up warm. I've put together my favourite Winter weather accessories for you. I'm a sucker for anything cute, pink or with ears!

collage of cute winter weather accessories

Accessoryo Knitted Cat Fingerless Mittens | Maison Scotch Wool Scarf With Stars | ASOS Ear Cable Beanie | F&F Fair Isle Pom Pom Beanie | George At Asda Reindeer Beanie | George At Asda Faux Fur Earmuffs | John Lewis Stripe & Heart Tech Gloves | Green Eyed Monster Snowman Scarf

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Friday, 17 October 2014


That time of year when we're supposed to dress up in fancy dress is upon us again. It's not the most stylish of holidays is it!? If you are heading to a Halloween costume party; but don't want to go all out with the full green-faced witch look, here are some cute little costume ideas you might like instead...

Cute Halloween Costume Ideas

Minnie Mouse Ears | Yumi Polka Dot Dress | Kurt Geiger Yellow Shoes

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Thursday, 16 October 2014


Lush Cosmetics Limited Edition Halloween Products

Don't we all just love Lush's seasonal limited edition releases. I look forward to them every Easter, Halloween and Christmas. This year's Halloween limited edition products are better than last year's and smell amazing. I'm going to stock up on these three before they sell out.

Lush Cosmetics Limited Edition Halloween Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Pumpkin Bubble Bar, £3.50

How cute does this little pumpkin look!? It has such a delicious citrus scent, which I recommend for morning use as it really brightens up your day. I love the striking gold glitter powder that it's covered it. It makes your bath look so pretty and leaves your skin with a delicate sheen afterwards.

Lush Cosmetics Limited Edition Wizard Pumpkin Bar

Wizard Bubble Bar, £3.25

This little guy is so cute. I keep thinking he's a penguin as it looks so much like Lush's blue penguin bubble bar. When your crumble this into your bath as its running, it turns the water purple and you'll love the relaxing deep scent of Juniperberry and fennel. It'll help you balance stress, so use it just before bedtime to unwind after a long day.

Lush Cosmetics Limited Edition Fairy Ring Soap

Fairy Ring Soap, £4.10

The full soap version of this looks amazing- I need it! However, unfortunately I only got a slice of this cute little mushroom house for fairies. The scent of this soap is the same as the Gorilla Volume 3
/Mycelium perfume that launched this Summer. This soap contains Shiitake mushrooms for anti-aging, along with Myrrh oil, Patchouli and Opopanax oil.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014


The frosty cold Winter-like mornings have descended on us here in Glasgow. We are very much firmly into Autumn now. I always give my bedroom a re-vamp for Autumn/Winter to make it cosier and warmer.

My bedding is what I like to change first, as the bedding makes the biggest impact in the room. I steer away from the bright pinks and florals of Summer and Spring, and move towards darker colours, topped with knitted throws and scatter cushions. I'm heading out to the shops for new bedding this week, and am loving what Tesco has to offer, so I thought I'd share my wishlist with you...

I also like to add more accessories such as fairy lights and candles at this time of year. I'm loving the Woodland interiors theme at the moment, so I'm sticky to lots of wicker, exposed wood, and tin tea-light holders etc. Next has a great selection of Christmas room accessories that will make my bedroom perfect for the festive season. I'm lusting after so much from there at the moment...

What do you like to change in your bedroom for the colder months?

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Monday, 13 October 2014


Last weekend, a bunch of fellow Scottish bloggers and I descended on The Cookery School in Glasgow for a day of baking sponsored by Currys and Kenwood.

We started with fruit scones, and my baking partner-in-crime was the lovely Genna from Lipstick Crush. It was a lot easier to bake scones than I thought, and out of the day's creations (scones, Victoria sponge, chocolate muffins and cupcakes), the scones were my favourite and were perfect to enjoy with fresh cream and jam.

I wanted to share the scone recipe with you to try at home, and also some photographs of our other delicious bakes...

Fruit Scones (makes 4 large)

Strong Flour 450g
Caster Sugar 80g
Butter (Room Temperature) 80g
Mixed Dried Fruit 50g
3 Eggs
Milk 250ml
Extra Flour For Dusting
Baking Powder 5 Teaspoons

Preheat the oven to 220C/425F/Gas Mark 7. Sift the flour and salt into a bowl and add the butter. Rub lightly with fingers until the mixture looks crumbly. 

Add the sugar, 2 eggs and baking powder and turn gently with a wooden spoon. Add half the milk, turning gently. Then add the remaining milk a little at a time to form a dough.


Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured working surface and roll it out lightly to a round 2.5cm/1in thick. Cut the scones out with a cutter by pushing it in. Don't twist the cutter, just push the dough through.

Place the scones on a lightly greased baking sheet and leave to rest for a few minutes. Beat the remaining egg to make a glaze and brush the scones. Bake them in the middle of the oven for 15-20 minutes or until they are well risen and golden brown.

My top baking tip for you is... if you get eggshell in your mixture when cracking the eggs, use one of the shell halves to scoop it out instead of a spoon as shell attracts shell.

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014


The dark nights are drawing in. It's that time of year to get cosy with your blanket of an evening and watch some screen-action under the flickering lights of your scented candles. Here's my recommendations for your pre-Christmas viewing pleasure...

The Apprentice
Returning on Tuesday 14th October (and running for 12 weeks), is this tv show we all secretly love whether we want to admit it or not. This year's group of candidates looking to impress Alan Sugar is diverse; from a dating-service owning hypnotherapist, to a social worker. Sit back with your blanket and watch the sparks fly!

You all know the story of Sleeping Beauty (the classic Disney tale); but how much do you know about her cartoon-enemy Maleficent? This live-action movie is released on 3D BLU-RAY, BLU-RAY and DVD 20th October 2014, and features Angelina Joliet as Maleficent and Elle Fanning as Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty. The film is visually stunning and a dream to watch, as you learn about what turned Maleficent 'bad'.

Revenge Season 4
If you are in the US, Season 4 of gripping drama Revenge starting airing weekly on 28th December on ABC. This is a gripping story that you have to watch from the very beginning, and tells of Emily Thorne's quest to get revenge on everyone who contributed to her father's death. Time for some TV marathon sessions to catch up!

This film is a great psychological horror that's perfect for cosy nights at home. I'd recommend some company with this one. A brother and a sister set to find out why their dad turned into a mad-man when they were children, and they suspect an old mirror is at fault. It's released on 20th October, and you'll need a blanket to cover your eyes.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Online retailer Fashion World (loved by curvy women like me) recently ran a Facebook survey, where they asked their customers the situations in which they found adapting an outfit most difficult i.e. when they found it tricky to re-use an outfit but change it slightly; or switching easily from day to night.

Fashion World is really keen on the concept of 'clever clothing'- how to help people adapt common outfit combos to suit multiple purposes and to be clever with their outfit choices. We all love a good fashion hack!

The problem situations that came top in the survey (such as work to dinner date, and beach to bar) were then put to style experts Zoe Pennick (stylist) and Lucy Moore (plus-size model) to find a solution. You can see their handy tips and 'clever clothing' ideas on the Fashion World website, and in You Tube videos on the Fashion World channel. My favourite of the videos are below...

My favourite tip is to think about layers- you can easily transform a simple work outfit of a black pencil skirt and cashmere jumper by wearing a glamorous strappy top underneath. Just removing the jumper makes for an instant transformation!

This post is sponsored by Fashion World; but all opinions are my own.

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