Lush Cosmetics Limited Edition Halloween Products

Don’t we all just love Lush’s seasonal limited edition releases. I look forward to them every Easter, Halloween and Christmas. This year’s Halloween limited edition products are better than last year’s and smell amazing. I’m going to stock up on these three before they sell out.

Lush Cosmetics Limited Edition Halloween Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Pumpkin Bubble Bar, £3.50

How cute does this little pumpkin look!? It has such a delicious citrus scent, which I recommend for morning use as it really brightens up your day. I love the striking gold glitter powder that it’s covered it. It makes your bath look so pretty and leaves your skin with a delicate sheen afterwards.

Lush Cosmetics Limited Edition Wizard Pumpkin Bar

Wizard Bubble Bar, £3.25

This little guy is so cute. I keep thinking he’s a penguin as it looks so much like Lush’s blue penguin bubble bar. When your crumble this into your bath as its running, it turns the water purple and you’ll love the relaxing deep scent of Juniperberry and fennel. It’ll help you balance stress, so use it just before bedtime to unwind after a long day.

Lush Cosmetics Limited Edition Fairy Ring Soap

Fairy Ring Soap, £4.10

The full soap version of this looks amazing- I need it! However, unfortunately I only got a slice of this cute little mushroom house for fairies. The scent of this soap is the same as the Gorilla Volume 3

/Mycelium perfume that launched this Summer. This soap contains Shiitake mushrooms for anti-aging, along with Myrrh oil, Patchouli and Opopanax oil.

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