the wishlet bracelets on arm

The Wishlet is a jewellery brand that helps you create change in society whilst wearing beautiful bracelets. Each enamel bracelet has a quote to inspire around it, and a percentage of your purchase price goes to charity.

the wishlet bracelets colours

There are a selection of colours available, and each has a different quote which relates to the mood the colour evokes. I opted for some everyday muted colours (black, grey and blue), and I love them.

My black bracelet says ‘Mind over matter. If it don’t mind, it don’t matter’. The grey one (my favourite) says ‘Nothing is impossible. Even the word says i’m possible’. On my blue bracelet there is the quote: ‘Don’t dream your life, live your dreams’

These would make such amazing friendship presents as they have strong meanings behind them. Plus, they look stylish too.

You can purchase The Wishlet bracelets online here. Prices are in Euros, and they cost 49 Euros each.

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