I found this tag by Milk Bubble Tea, and just had to take part. I am feeling so Christmas-y already, and so want to spread a bit of that around…

1. What Is Your Favourite Christmas Movie?

I saw Christmas With The Kranks in the cinema the Christmas that it was released, and fell instantly in love. I have watched it every year since. It’s incredibly funny and shows an all-American Christmas (they just do it so much better than us Brits). It also has a great cast including Jamie Lee Curtis.

2. Do You Open Your Presents On Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?

Always Christmas morning. Christmas Eve?- who does that?! As a child I was always up at around 4am. Nowadays it’s more 8am.

3. Do You Have A Favourite Christmas Memory?

Any Christmas memories involving my late Nana and Grandpa are my favourites. Christmas was always much better with them around.

4. Favourite Festive Food?

Party food, or as I call it, ‘picky food’. I have a huge chest freezer, and every December I fill it to the brim with all of the different supermarkets’ finger food offerings, and make myself little buffets for lunches and dinners in the lead-up to Christmas. I always then re-stock again for New Year as i’ve eaten it all. I love vol au vents and mozzarella sticks the best.

5. Favourite Christmas Gift?

I don’t remember any one gift in particular; but the stocking (actually a pillow case) that my Mum fills for me every Christmas with lots of little surprise parcels is always the highlight of the day and my favourite thing to open.

6. Favourite Christmas Scent?

The scent of real Christmas trees. The closest realistic reproduction of this smell that I have found is Paddywax’s Woodland candle; which you can get in Wholefoods for around £25.

7. Do You Have Any Christmas Eve Traditions?

We used to go out for dinner every Christmas Eve for a few years in a row; but now we don’t do anything special. Hopefully the TV is good this year, and I can just keep warm inside and eat.

8. What Tops Your Tree?

An angel that i’ve used since I was a baby. It’s as tatty as hell now; but I couldn’t get rid of it.

9. As A Kid, What Was The One Crazy, Wild Or Extravagant Gift You Asked For But Never Received?

I never asked for anything that I didn’t get. Spoiled? Me? Never!

10. What’s The Best Part About Christmas For You?

Spending undisturbed time with my family with no outside world intrusions. Oh, and the food too!

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