As soon as it hits 1st December I am in full-on Christmas mode. I adore dark December nights at home, and always follow a similar routine.

I usually have a roasting hot bath and then change into pyjamas. I’m loving my super-soft and thick Jockey Brushed Flannel Navy check ones at the moment, as I’m saving my new Minnie Mouse Christmas onesie for closer to the big day.

I try to do something Christmassy every night in December, such as writing cards and wrapping presents. I got my cards (£3.50-£4.50 each) this year from Made With Love and they look so snazzy!

I like to cook or bake some comfort food too, such as these iced chocolate chip cookies. Other favourites are macaroni cheese and fajitas.

Later on, I settle down with the TV or a Christmas-themed novel, a glass of wine and my favourite sweet treat at the moment- Muller’s Raspberry Bliss yogurts. Lindsey Kelk’s latest novella from her I Heart… series, Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas, is a great quick read.

What do you like to do on cold Winter nights?

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