I noticed that I’d gotten quite a lot of new accessories recently, so I thought I’d share them with you. Some are to help me keep warm, and others are just pretty.

I adore my two beanie hats that I picked up in the ASOS outlet/sale section, reduced from £15 each to £3 each. I especially like the bear one’s pom pom ears. This one is still on the site if you want to snap it up too.

I also picked up a really thick, warm and smart black/grey twill scarf for just a few pounds from there too. I’ve been wearing it so often the past couple of weeks.

Also from the ASOS sale, I got a red tartan headscarf, which I’ll tie like a hairband with a big bow. This was only a couple of Pounds, and is long enough to be worn as a skinny neck scarf too. This print has sold out, but there are other designs still available.

I also got a very simple, but incredibly pretty ‘Love’ ring from Dainty Daisy Jewellery. I love how it is so delicate, and is rose gold-toned. It was only £3.50 too. I do love a good bargain!

My favourite bargain of the Winter are these boots from Debenhams (the exact brand is Mantaray). They are flat black suede, faux shearling lined boots and I got them for half price in a short flash boot sale on their website. They are so warm and cosy and I am living in them at the moment. I got them for £24.75 reduced from £49.50. They are still available; but unfortunately not at half price.

Finally, from Tales From The Earth I got an elegant silver bangle with ‘A Lifetime of Luck’ engraved inside. They make these bangles with a variety of sayings (£45 each), and the idea is that the saying will brush your wrist so many times a day, helping to inspire you. I thought this was such a sweet idea, and I love how it is so simple and can be worn with anything. Which saying would you go for?

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