Fuse Gelnamel is an at-home gel nail range, and it’s Sensationail Starter Kit (£35) is a great way to test out the brand and see if it’s for you.

This is my first experience of doing my own gel nails at home. I have had plenty of professionally-done salon CND Shellac nails (and some other salon gel brands), as well as trying many of the market’s gel-effect regular nail polishes. In my opinion, this product sits in the middle. 

I love having gel nails done in a salon as they usually last over two-weeks chip-free for me, and retain their high gloss shine. I also like the glossy shine of gel effect regular nail polishes (such as those from Sally Hansen) but these rarely last two days without chipping.

I have been testing Fuse Gelnamel Sensationail’s at-home gel Starter Kit for a couple of weeks now, and have painted my nails three times with it. It is simple and quick to do and all the instructions and products you need as in the box. It definitely has it’s pros and cons however, and isn’t something i’m completely in love with even though I do like it.

It does offer me longer lasting chip-free nails compared to every regular polish I have ever tried. On each of the three occasions I have painted my nails with my Fuse Gelnamel Sensationail kit, it has lasted 4 days without chipping but become badly chipped on the 5th day. This is much better than my normal two days with regular polishes; but not as good as I was hoping for. It can in no way replace a professionally-done salon gel manicure.

The effect of the Fuse Gelnamel does at first offer a high gloss shine; but I found this dulled quite a lot- to almost being matte on some nails- as jumper oose and other dust clung to the rubber-like polish. The high-shine was easily restored by washing my hands; but it was still quite annoying.

I would definitely use this again (and try some other colours) for a long weekend away where I wanted my nail polish to last until the end of the trip; but for everyday use i’ll stick to my regular polishes, and for longer holidays i’ll just pay a visit to a salon.

Have you tried this kit? What did you think?

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